About Us

Capsule Wardrobe

Our Story

My name is Yaasmeen and I am the founder and creator of Capsule Wardrobe. I have over 8 years in the luxury field- working with high-quality goods.

I created this business for many reasons. I wanted to make small niche luxury more accessible through personal finances and overall reachability.  I want people to enjoy the essence of the luxury pieces. Here, I offer small discounts on beautiful luxury items so whether it be your first designer purchase, or a continuation of your current wardrobe- you’d be getting it at a slightly discounted price.

Capsule Wardrobe

Our Mission

I wanted Capsule Wardrobe to also focus on the beauty and art of such pieces that are being offered on my website. I hand-select particular pieces to add to this wardrobe that I believe offer undeniable beauty. Hence- The Eclectic Boutique. Each piece serves as different from the rest.

We aim to inspire people to enjoy, live in the moment, and really sulk into the beauty of not just luxury items, but in life. We choose to offer new pieces as well as pre-loved ones because through quality- and art, the pieces we select, remain timeless.

Capsule Wardobe

Our Vision

Upon our future endeavors, we plan on featuring a variation of different artists on our platform in addition to our favorite hand-picked designer collections.

We look forward to inspire our customers to appreciate the art in our vast collections as well as transfer the idealism into their everyday life. Just as life- beautiful things deserve to be adorned and appreciated.