Are these pieces authentic luxury?

All of the pieces on this website are authentic. We do not sell any replicas of any brand in fact, most pieces will come with their original authenticity card, if they come with them within a standard purchase.

  • What if it’s second-hand? We will included whom it was authenticated by from that party.
  • If you don’t receive an authenticity card for your purchase, it does not mean it is not authentic. We source our products from multiple places and not all purchases come with an authenticity card.

We guarantee the authenticity of our product, or 100% money back guarantee.

What does my product come with?

All products should list additional items in its description box. It would make mention to dust bags, shoe boxes, authentication cards, and all additional items included in your purchase.

What if my package comes (damaged)?

In the rare instance that your package is not in a suitable condition, please send us a photo so we are able to assist you in a timely and effective manner.

How are these items priced?

We like to provide a discount on our items, so that our customers are receiving a more attainable price point and have more accessibility to enjoy their piece(s). These pieces will be below their selling point on their company website.

Do you have any experience in the field?

I have over 8 years working with luxury and quality items. Throughout my experience, I have experienced true luxury and most importantly- the art form of many different products. I strive to deliver quality items to all customers and deliver art in various forms.

How often do you add new pieces to the collections?

Every two weeks. Sign up for our emails and newsletters so that you are informed what designers and styles we will be releasing within the coming weeks!

How do I know if my item is new or pre-loved?

They will be located in different sections on the “collections” page. It will also make mention to the items condition in the description.